Friday, April 4, 2014

Independent Erotica Retailers

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  Many erotica readers are now aware that some of the content in Erotic Fiction, particularly BDSM content that depicts non-consensual sexual situations and other edgy topics, is currently being banned and removed from the websites of the large ebook retailers.
You know their names, so no need to repeat them here.

If non-consensual and other "edgy" erotic content is what you love, you may need to change your current buying habits and purchase from sites that are still open-minded enough to offer the reading public a full range of sexual content.
(all of which is completely legal to write, publish and sell)

Here are sites we suggest:
Pink Flamingo Websites:

Indie Retailers:
(All Formats Available) (All Formats Available) (All Formats Available)
(All Formats Available) (PDF Available)
(All Formats Available)
Features selected audio titles by Pink Flamingo Publications authors,
including me, Lizbeth Dusseau

We realize that there are likely many more Indy sites.
These specifically carry our Pink Flamingo titles
as well as others in the erotica genre

More thoughts on this latest wave of censorship: We all understand that erotic fiction is the playground of the mind, where one can enjoy the erotic without restricting those odd, quirky, nasty, naughty and extreme thoughts that arise from time to time.

Safe, Sane & Consensual is an important credo in the BDSM lifestyle, where those who enjoy this world take fantasy into real time relationships. Real world concerns for physical and emotional safety must be taken into consideration when you step out of fantasy into real life. But in the playground of our own thoughts we still have the liberty to be quite the opposite; unsafe, insane and non-consensual, if that is where the mind leads.
If the same people who are banning erotic books were to take their reasoning into other literary genres, and target thrillers, horror, murder mysteries and some Science Fiction, even historical fiction, where there is debauchery, mayhem, blood, guts, gore, sex, rape, abduction, slavery and so much more, our reading choices would be drastically reduced, affecting nearly every genre. Much of our popular fiction as well as some the world's finest literary works would disappear. Makes one wonder... just food for thought, and my rant for the day. 

For more of my posts on censorship, you can search my blog, keyword, censorship. 

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