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It's a war between Doms for this lovely sub. And now, Eden's former Master returns in the dead of night to stake his claim...

Excerpt from Adam & Eden
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    Jacob stared in the window at Eden Rose from the patio outside her back door. Her apartment was easily accessible from the street, up the fire escape. 

    Midnight, Eden was at the piano playing music, looking melancholy.  A bottle of scotch sat on the edge of the baby grand, a shot glass beside it.  One hand played a melody while the other held her head in her hand.  She hummed as she played, words beginning to trip through her brain, but not yet put on paper.  She was strangely methodical in her manner of writing music, though it was a method only she understood.  It didn’t matter that anyone else did, only that she was getting attention in the music world for what inspired her.

    When Jacob slipped into the room through the unlocked door, Eden was so immersed in her work that she didn’t hear the quiet footfalls of his approach.  Not until he was at her back, and she jumped feeling his hands clutching her shoulders, did she realize the intruder was there.

    “Jacob, no!” she shrieked, but then his hand was over her mouth.  She tried to bite his fingers, but he slapped her face and then clamped his hand back over her lips with a bone-crushing tightness.

    “Don’t say a word,” he whispered.  “Not one word.”  To ensure her obedience, he pulled a ball-gag from his pocket and opening her mouth with his fingers pressed it inside.  The strap was fixed behind her head.  She was at his mercy.

    He extinguished the single lamp in the room as he dragged her from the piano bench, her arms flailing as she tried to pull away.  But with his large hands and strong grip, the fight was useless.  After stripping her of her robe, it was easy work to have her wrists bound behind her.  Jacob knew where to find the leather straps and harness, the playthings that would raise her body heat.  Pushing her toward her bedroom, he chuckled knowing he had her won.  She wasn’t resisting at all.  Eden was so easy.

    “You think you can get away from me, bitch,” he chortled in her ear as he undid the wrist cuffs from behind and then fastened them to the rod swinging over head.  “You are so na├»ve and foolish.”

    He slapped her ass with his hand, then buckled the collar around her neck tightly so she could feel the constriction in her throat.  She had to gasp for air.

    “Relax, slut, you’ve got a long and welcome night.  That femme uptown you played with doesn’t hold a candle to me.  Why she didn’t even leave marks.”

    Eden was sinking into him, intoxicated by words.  Dizzy from the constraints, she let the surging in her abdomen turn erotic, her hips undulating against his hand. 

    “That’s it,” he purred.  Pressing his palm over her pubis, he held it tightly in his fist and pulled down.  She squirmed and cried with the shot of pain, while fingers in her vagina teased the syrupy concoction of sweat and sex juice.  

    A clamp came down on one nipple and the pain sparked.  She jerked and he slapped her face.  A second clamp on the second nipple, more pain, another jerk and another slap.  Preordained, ritualized, but yes, very welcome.  He was right. She didn’t want to tolerate the abuse but the fire in her now was too severe for her sex to ignore.  The wild rush was as sweet as words of love, and she let her head fall back as he began with the whip and crop, one in each hand.  She traveled light-years in seconds, joyriding through a wave of delicious heat and pain. Exhilarating pain turned her insides out while he turned her outsides into raw, scorched flesh.
The multi-taloned leather whip flailed on her breasts and belly, sensation streaming like ocean swells crashing as breakers on hard sand.  The crop cut hard against her flesh.  He was erratic and sporadic, mocking her as he stalked her quivering body, then going eye to eye with her so she could see the vile expression of triumph on his face.  The laughter, the scorn, the jubilance of his sadistic mien shot right through her.  When she closed her eyes, he slapped her face again.

“Don’t do that again.  You’ll look in my eyes, bitch, and remember who I am.  How I’m the champion of your greatest cause—this perpetual sex machine.  He gripped her cunt and shook it hard, then fixed a clamp over her clit so she screamed a muffled scream into the gag.

From behind, he let the whip fly fast and hard, with not a second between the strikes.  On her back, then to her ass, so they were heated and hot.  Then the crop again, that horrifying one with the thin end and the little tied tail that bit viciously into roughed-up skin.  She'd be marked with bright red weals before he finished.  A terrifying reason to rejoice. 

She was losing it by the time he burnished her thighs and lay into that tenderness creating another horror.  Her mind simply vanished and there was nothing but pain, and then nothingness, and then nothing at all … she’d disappeared without a trace … gone … flown away and lost forever on a river of erotic feeling that could never be better than this. This was why she loved him ... once.

She returned to the real world with the feel of Jacob’s hand between her thighs, his fingers pressing her to climax … a long mellow spasm, then and the beautiful sensation afterward … softly moving through her body.

“I’m so good to you, darling Eden. You treat me like shit trying to fend me off.  You suppose you’re going to tell your attorney about this little caper?  About how easily you give in to me?  You going to try and change your name again?  Try to hide, maybe?  If I didn’t think you were so scrumptious for my own needs, I’d find you pathetic.” 

He was undoing her from the bar overhead, but he left her hands manacled together at the wrists.  Removing the gag, he pushed her to the floor and pressed her head down against the wood with the heel of his boot. 

“You look good like that, whore, don’t you?”

She didn’t reply.

“Don’t you?” he pressed harder, angrily.

“Yes, sir,” she answered.

“And you’re mine, isn’t that so?”

“Forever and always, sir,” she replied without thinking.

“I will always own you,” he swore.

She did not reply.

“I WILL ALWAYS OWN YOU!”   He let the crop rip against her upturned bruised butt, the narrow end landing in her ass crack.

“Ah, nooooo!”

“Say it bitch!”

“You’ll always own me, sir,” she spit out loud and clear.

“That’s better.  Now suck my cock.”

He helped her to her knees, and pulled her toward a chair where he sat back and she remained between his open thighs.  Her hands couldn’t play with him easily, but her lips could and they covered the erect stalk.  With his hand at the back of her head, he pressed her down on the organ and fucked her mouth.  It made her gag, but he made her relax.  Opening wide for him, her lips and tongue worked hard bringing him off.  Then pulling her head back, he shot on her face, on lips and hair and down her chin.  The smile on his lips was reminiscent of times before when he was ecstatically jubilant mastering her.

She didn't want this. A new master was waiting in the wings...and yet, there was something about this master, about Jacob, she simply couldn't resist. 

Copyright (c) Lizbeth Dusseau. All rights reserved. May not be used without permission.

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