Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And so a new novel is born...

For weeks I've been playing around with a new fantasy, first just a tiny seed inside my nighttime thoughts. I had a Dom and a sub, though not necessarily remarkable ones at this point. I was definitely NOT thinking this pair would take me anywhere special in a new story, anywhere I haven't already been in one of my novels. I have determined that my next novel, if there is to be a next erotic novel, needs to be as special as my last book Little Savage was to me. And thus this Dom and sub needed to flesh themselves out a little more, give me setting, back story, a little meat on the bones of their D/s personalities, rather than looking like stock characters that I pulled from a filing cabinet of characters that lurks in the subterranean basement of my creative my muse. 

I also had a few stellar scenes rattling through my thoughts, definitely kinky ones that quickly leaped to mind, including one forgotten gem that's been knocking around my fantasy life for at least twenty years. Still, with just two vague characters and a few random scenes, what I had was just too lame to call novel worthy...only good enough for a few midnight flings for my personal pleasure only. 

However, persistence seemed to finally win out. After several weeks, that little gem of a scene had become permanently fixed inside my brain, determined to be reenacted over the course of many nights. The scene began to expand, adding sharpness and clarity, and then a third character arrived, inserting himself into the unfolding drama. I was being won over, bit by bit. 

Then last night something broke free...suddenly my Dom character morphed into a completely different personality.  He changed from a stock variety Dominant male into a personality that came to life inside my brain in such a delicious moment of revelation that I keep wanting to return to him again and again. He wasn't a redundancy, but someone new for me to play with. A story began to take shape. Conversations started to arise, the dialogue was born. Opening scenes arrived almost word for word ready to be written. The world around my characters began to appear more vividly with pieces dropping into place. I knew a new novel had just been birthed.

I still have a long ways to go before it's time to begin writing, but the excitement is starting to take form and substance. The knowledge that at last I have the seeds for another kinky novel beginning to germinate is satisfying. Not that I ever figured that my muse had dried up and gone away, I knew it hadn't. I just wasn't sure what direction my writing would take when I began to write again. 

The rest of the tale may take weeks to arrive or it could happen in the twinkling of an eye. However it manifests, it's nice to feel the creative juices flowing again after a two year hiatus from erotica. The formative part of a novel is always my favorite, because I never know what surprises are in store for my characters and where the plot is going to lead. It's those many surprises that make my writing life so immensely satisfying. I'm ready to begin the process once again. 

Be sure to return on Friday for another new post and a juicy novel excerpt. 

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