Friday, October 31, 2014

A Well-Punished Natalie, Spanking Erotica

Taken from the short story A Well-Tethered Natalie. This tale combines light bondage and spanking erotica into one sexy story...classic Spanking erotica, and one of many short stories in my collection Big Book of Spanking Stories.  
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This excerpt is a little longer than most...but I always thought the build-up for the final spanking payoff to be my favorite part of any spanking tale. The girl's got to earn it and this little brat certainly does... every smack of that leather strap.

The story begins this way...
His cowboy eyes were a little daunting. His grin was even worse. Natalie couldn’t decide if Ethan was a total prick or a little darling, the way he teased her. She was certain of one thing, the man rattled her, so much so, she wasn’t about to let him know it. That would give him far too much power over her. She settled into ignoring him with a passion.

    Unfortunately—or fortunately depending on how you view it—Ethan could read her thoughts. He remembered kissing her in the barn the night of the barbecue. They were alone for the first time, and she looked so inviting. Her ample bosom swelled lusciously when she was out of breath. After he playfully “ran” her into the barn, he watched as she caught her breath, admiring the way her body moved. Leading her into a secluded corner, they kissed. She’d tried to wriggle away with a prim little protestation that he thought was rather cute, but he wrestled with her for a moment, grabbing her smaller hands in his larger ones and pinning them above her head against a post. That was when he felt the most curious rush of passion. She wasn’t exactly relinquishing to him, but she let him kiss her deeply, and responded with equal fervor to his probing tongue.

    “You like being restrained?” he asked, as he backed away.

    She shook her head in disbelief, but he could read the answer in her eyes. She was one hellava feisty woman, the kind he loved to tame. He almost wished he hadn’t let go of her so soon, leaving him to wonder how far she would have gone with her hands pinned in the air.

    She took to ignoring him thereafter, but he wasn’t at all dissuaded. After all, that was what you could expect from a sassy woman like Natalie. It would make his conquest of her even more delightful. He would bide his time, and wait for the perfect opportunity to make his next move.
    Natalie was successful in eluding Ethan most of the time. But since saddling and stabling the horses was his duty, there was no way she could avoid him when she wanted to ride her horse, Dancer. Anytime she was around the barns, he flirted with her shamefully, even though as far as she was concerned, she gave him no encouragement. Ethan saw it differently. There was a passionate spark every time they were together, she breathed a little deeper, her cheeks would flush ever so slightly, and she’d avoid direct eye contact because she couldn’t bear to see the truth reflected back to her.
    Outside the brewing lust between the two, Ethan had a problem with Natalie’s outrageously independent spirit. The woman thought nothing of riding off for an entire day, to God knows where, without telling a soul where she was going, and when she planned return. They fought about this regularly. Ethan’s orders from his employer, Natalie’s father, were to keep her from going too far from the ranch. The man had long ago given up trying to rein in his often-rebellious daughter, so he’d given the job to his ranch foreman.

    Ethan warned her every time she went out. He always asked where she went, but she’d never say. A half dozen times he went in search of the dark-haired beauty, only to see her riding toward him at some distance, almost as if she could anticipate his search, and was there to taunt him with her return.

    “Don’t you ever get yourself lost, Natalie Martin, because I swear, I’ll tan that round butt of yours with my belt when I find you,” he vowed more than once.

    She snapped back at him with a fiery flash in her brown eyes. “I’d like to see you do that!” She brusquely took off, with Ethan so furious that he wanted to take her pants down and spank her bottom right there on the spot. Being the boss’s daughter, he was quick to rant and rave about her bad behavior, but slow to act on his threats.
    One afternoon, after their brief kisses in the barn, Ethan set out to look for her when she wasn’t home by four o’clock. On this occasion, however, Natalie did not come riding in as he expected she would. He rode out in the direction he’d seen her take, hoping that she hadn’t veered off somewhere else – in which case he might never find her. There were clouds overhead, rain threatening. By the time he reached the creek, he realized there’s be a deluge long before he returned to the ranch. He called several times into the strong windy air, but heard no reply. Damn! He hoped she wasn’t so foolish to not respond. That would really piss him off!

    Riding along the creek bank for some minutes, Ethan spotted Dancer on the other side of the rushing water, and waded across to find Natalie sitting on a rock nursing a swollen ankle.
    “I’ve had it in the cold water for nearly a half hour, it’s much better,” she said as he approached. No grateful “hello”, no smile, nothing to acknowledge that she was happy to see him. “Just help me on the horse, and I’ll be off.”

    “Let me see it,” Ethan insisted, as he dismounted.

    “Oh, it’s fine. I’ll wrap it when I get home,” she brushed him off.

    “No. I want to see if it’s broken,” he answered sternly. He pushed her back down when she’d started to rise and made her sit while he examined her injury.

    “Ouch!” she gasped at the mere touch of his warm hands.

    “Might be broken,” he said, worriedly.

    “No. It’s not broken,” she snapped, “just help me up and I’ll be fine.”

    Ethan scowled, thinking about what he’d like to do right then, but he knew it was best to get her home as quickly as he could.

    He was thankful that she was a good rider, and that Dancer was a good horse. Despite the pelting rain that soaked them to the skin, they made the trip back without incident.

    “I knew this was going to happen someday,” Ethan scolded, as he helped her from her horse.

    “Don’t start with me,” she said annoyed.

    His eyes narrowed on her severely; his hands holding her firmly by the shoulders. “Don’t start with me! No more running off the way you do, you hear me?” he snapped at her angrily.

    The passion between them rose, fiery, and intensely erotic.

    She attempted to wrench from his grasp. “I’ll do what I damn well please,” she snarled once she finally shook free. “Now help me into the house.”

    Ethan stepped back and eyed the little hellion. “Ah, the little princess needs my help,” he bit off. “I should let you hobble back to the house all by yourself.”

    “And Daddy would fire you if you did!” Natalie charged.

    Ethan shook his head, mocking her with a disdainful smile. “I doubt it. However, I’m gentleman enough to help a lady in distress, even if she’s acting like a bitch.”

    “Don’t you talk to me that way!”

    “As far as I can see, you don’t have much choice but to take it.” His eyes narrowed on her again. “And let me tell you something, Natalie Martin, next time you enter this bar, you’ll have me to reckon with.”

    “What does that mean?” Her eyebrows were knit into a fretful frown, as if she might be just the least bit worried.

    “You’ll just have to see,” Ethan advised her, smiling.

    She took a breath, pushed back her rising emotion, and said, in an attempt to be contrite. “Please, help me.”

    A week later, when Natalie finally returned to the stables, she was still hobbling on her sore ankle. In spite of the fact that the ankle had not healed, she needed a good long ride.

    “Don’t worry, I can do this,” she announced to Ethan, thinking that demonstration was the best proof.

    As she lifted herself up on the horse, she could already feel a twinge of pain. She hoped Ethan didn’t notice her wincing.

    “I don’t think you’re ready,” he exclaimed as he watched her turn Dancer toward the open stable door.

    “I most certainly am,” she replied indignantly, and she headed out.

    “If you fall?” he called after her.

    “I never fall!” she said as she looked back.

    “Well you damn well better stay close enough to see the barn. You get any further away, and I’ll live up to my promise.”

    “And what promise is that?” she said, as if she didn’t know.

    “To paddle your bottom.”

    “Only if you can catch me,” she blurted out sassily. Giving Dancer a kick, she took off.

    Natalie was gone nearly an hour, riding like the wind as far as she could, the feeling of freedom a tantalizing reward after days of being cooped up inside nursing her ankle. She didn’t give Ethan’s challenge a second thought, assuming it was just an empty threat. He’d never have the guts. However, unlike her usual excursions, miles into the countryside, she rode out as far as she dared and returned directly, not wanting to incite Ethan too much. Besides, she was still favoring her sore ankle and wasn’t sure she could mount Dancer without some assistance.

    On returning, Natalie drew her horse into the stall and got down gingerly. Her ankle had begun to ache, so she took care not to put too much weight on it. Ethan was nowhere in sight; but having no desire to tangle with him, she hurriedly unsaddled Dancer and prepared to go back in the house.

    Turning around, however, she ran smack into the imperious foreman, his tall muscled frame looming over her with eyes that bore into her with a fiery wrath.

    “You’ve challenged me one to many times, Natalie Martin,” he said, as he grabbed her by the wrist.

    “Let go of me!” she cried, trying unsuccessfully to wrench from his grasp.

    Ethan pulled her toward the tack room, her throbbing ankle throbbing.

    “Damn it stop. This hurts!” she wailed. He turned, gave her fierce stare and then scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the tack room.

    “Please, I’m sorry,” she pleaded, but he was not dissuaded. Setting her down, he pushed her toward the workbench, then rummaged for something in the corner of the room.

    Afraid of what was about to happen, Natalie eyed the door.

    Seeing her sidelong glance, he said, “You try taking off you won’t get anywhere on that ankle and I’ll tie you to this post.”

    The threat only made her more determined to break free; and while his back was turned, she headed toward the back door, retreating as quietly as possible.

    “Ah, so you want to get tied up?” his voice reached out to stop her in her in her tracks. His hand swiftly followed, grabbing her arm. I should have known you couldn’t resist the thought of being bound.”

    In seconds, Ethan had her wrists tied together, wrapped by a soft leather strap. Her arms were strung up above her and attached to the thick wooden post. She squirmed and wriggled and screeched the entire time, but her histrionics had no effect on Ethan’s resolve.

    “If I were you, I’d calm my ass down, or you’ll be hurting that ankle again.” With that, he walked out of the door.

    “Where are you going?” she shouted after him.

    “I’m going to cool down your horse, maybe by then you’ll have cooled down too.”

    Don’t you dare leave me like this,” she yelled. But she’d run out of bargaining power, now helplessly tied to the wooden post. Natalie yelled at him every few minutes, but Ethan was in no hurry to return.

    Twenty minutes later, he popped his head in the door, “Calmer now?” he asked.

    Natalie was indeed more subdued, but she was not about to hide her indignation over his treatment of her.

    “You untie me!” she ordered.

    He smiled, his eyes twinkling.

    “This time, I have your father’s permission, so I don’t think you have any right to demand anything.” He stood back looking at her, admiring the fine line of her body. “You look pretty good like that,” he said.

    “Okay, you’ve made your point. Now untie me.”

    “I will,” he said, “after you’ve been punished.”

    Natalie looked back at him, sheepishly trying to elicit some sympathy, but he was far beyond sympathy. Only one thing would soothe his ire.

    To his delight, Ethan found a strap from a tangled mess of tack in the corner of the room. He remembered seeing the ancient looking thing, thinking at the time, that it would be the perfect implement to lay on Natalie’s sassy ass. It had a remarkably welcoming feel, as if it had been used many times for just such disciplinary purposes. Doubling it in his hand, he could easily stand the distance he preferred, and hit his target with a hearty wallop.

    With her arms still secured overhead, Natalie’s fine rear end practically beckoned to be strapped. Encased in tight stretch denim, her firm round buttocks were definitely spankable. This would be a fitting and long awaited just desserts; and with that in mind, he let the strap fly, each strike landing on the center of her ass.

    The captive woman began to wail almost instantly, with spirited protests interspersed with curses befitting the mouth of a sailor. Ethan ignored the senseless chatter and kept on with the punishment. She was going nowhere, his prisoner for as long as he chose. It was about time.

    The strap continued to breeze through the air, landing smack after smack on Natalie’s round behind. Her bottom began to burn from the nasty sting. The gall of him! The sorry bastard would pay, she swore to herself. But as time went on, and more blows landed, she could feel something inside her relent. Like she wanted this. Like she needed it. Like she’d baited him. No, no, no! That wasn’t possible. Determined not to give herself away, she continued her impassioned cries to the very end, sobbing sadly when he laid the strap down.

    “Now, Princess Natalie,” Ethan said, with a haughty air of command, “you can think about this for a while. You have no one to blame but yourself, little girl. Think about that!” and he started to walk away.

    “Ethan please!” she stammered through her tears.

    He turned and faced her. “Oh no, you don’t! Another word out of your mouth and I’ll take down your jeans and give your pretty bare ass a real walloping!” He wasn’t kidding.

    Natalie bit her lip, holding back a bevy of protests. By then her arms were aching, and she wanted nothing more than to get the whole thing over with as soon as possible. Clinging to the post in front of her, she held back her protests as he left her to herself and prayed that he would return and set her free.

    Oddly enough, the longer she waited, the more her body brightened with the strangest feelings of arousal. She pushed back the idea that the punishment had turned her on, in some weird, ungodly way. Dammit! This could not be happening, but her body didn’t lie.