Spanking Erotica

In the early 90's after publishing several BDSM novels with Masquerade Books, my writing took a significant turn into Spanking Fiction. I wrote numerous spanking short stories for various mail-order spanking publications (all prior to the Internet), then in 1994 I began writing serialized novellas for the fledgling Pink Flamingo Publication. I really honed my craft on spanking fiction, and while I haven't released any titles in this genre for well over ten years, I think of these stories and novellas as lovely little gems, each one still dear to me. 

The Spanking Fetish is a category of kink all its own. While it's often incorporated into the BDSM world, many fetishists still consider it a completely separate kink with its own rules and protocols. Many spanking enthusiasts wouldn't even consider getting into bondage, whips, racks and the other fetish items associated with BDSM. On the other hand anal sexuality and even enemas (all very tastefully done, of course) are often part of the spanking genre of erotic writing. In some spanking fiction sex isn't even the end result, though in mine it usually is! There's a lot of over the knee (OTK), paddles, straps, leather spankers, ping pong paddles, as well as the good old palm of the hand for administrating a good old fashioned spanking. The stories are often simple and sweet, the heroines everything from demure to sassy to downright rebellious. And, off course, these stories are always cloaked in good old-fashioned romance. Well, at least the ones I write are.

These titles are all available as paperbacks and ebooks on the Pink Flamingo Website

Lizbeth Spanking Fiction

Alexandra's Dilemma
Bottomline Blues
Dante's Heat
Fire Under Glass
Jocelyn & Alexandra
Reckless Disregard
Rough Justice
Scarlet Moons
Southern Exposure
The Rutledge House Ladies
Wayward Angel (strong content bordering on BDSM)
Wild Roses
My Darling Jocelyn
Old Affairs & New Found Lovers
Shakespeare's Brat
Surrender, The Spanking Version

Aunt Daisy's Secret
Juliet & the Captain
The Barmaid & the Blacksmith, Spanking version
The Rebellious Bride
The War of the Remingtons

Short Story Collections:
Big Book of Spanking, Vol 1
Big Book of Spanking, Vol 2
Burning Confessions
Cowgirls & Angels
Four Confessions

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