Friday, March 27, 2015

Sexy spanking romance...

From the novel...
Off of the Beaten Path... 
this sexy spanking scene, for lovers of strong-willed bratty women and the men who take them in hand. 

About the novel:  Spanking Romance. A fiercely independent bush pilot, Ashley, meets her match in Jess Barrow at a research station in the midst of a South American jungle. Jess refuses to let the strong-willed woman ride roughshod over him. He's quick to take Ashley over his lap for a good sound paddling. In a story that takes them out of the jungle and back to civilization, their future seems perpetually ‘up in the air’, but the taste of leather and a bare hand on Ashley's bottom keeps their relationship hot, happy and under control! Available from Pink Flamingo Publications


“My place or yours?” Ashley asked, with a sensuous lilt in her voice.

    Jess was practically rock hard between his legs all ready, just looking at her did it to him every time. “I don’t have a place to stay yet, remember? I guess it will have to be yours.”

    They strolled through the quaint village after dinner on their way to the small house she kept. She was hardly ever in the place, but she kept it like home with enough personal things to make it feel like one. The front porch had attracted her from the start, since she loved front porches. And when she wasn’t playing bush pilot to remote locations, dead tired or working on the plane, she was rocking in a chair she managed to bring from Caracas on one of her trips to the city.

    As she and Jess reached the house, there was an electric chemistry passing back and forth, something so unseen, but so seemingly tangible, it was a surprise that they couldn’t touch it. Just inside the doorway of her house, Jess had his hand on Ashley’s rear, the other hand reaching for her face, so he could lean down and kiss her. The kiss was warm and moist with their tongues making tenuous explorations. Getting to know each other in a new setting like this, it seemed odd to Ashley having him right there in her house. A shiver, something almost imperceptible raced through her. Had he seen it? She wanted to roll all over her bed with him, but for the first time since she could remember, she found herself deferring to a man, to Jess, letting him lead while she followed. It was appropriate and she didn’t know why, but for some reason she knew it was the way it should be with them.

    “You going to stay right here and make love to me?” she asked. They hadn’t budged from the doorway.

    “We’ll get to other places, you’re just going to have to be patient. I have some other things in mind before we get to bed.”

    “Oh, and what are they?” she asked.

    Jess pulled away from the attentive kisses. “I thought I’d start with you over my lap, let you really know how I feel about this flight up river you have planned.”

    “Oh, no you don’t,” Ashley said pulling further away. She was instantly angry, and suddenly bolted to the far side of the room. “We weren’t going to discuss it,” she reminded him of their previous agreement.

    “Oh, I’m discussing nothing, I’m just offering my opinion. Since you like spanking so much, I thought I’d give you my opinion right across your butt.”

    “Okay! That’s enough!” she charged in nastily. She was about to disappear into the bedroom, when Jess quickly made his way to her and hauled her back.
    “I think it’s time you started to realize that there are people in this world that care about you.”

    “Well you have a fine way of showing it,” she snapped.

    “Frankly, I think this is exactly what you want me to do.”

    “You ass!” she roared. Before she knew what to make of it, Jess pulled her by the arm into the bedroom. He went through her closet, looking for something in particular, finally pulling a brown leather belt from a hook on the wall.

    “This should do,” he said, grasping it firmly in his free hand.

    He led a wriggling Ashley to the bed, sat down and pulled her over his knee.

    “Dammit, Jess!” she shouted.

    If it made her feel better to swear like sailor, that was okay with him, he wasn’t about to stop.

    “You have no cause!” she wailed again.

    “I suppose I don’t, but it’s time someone got through to you, and I guess I’m the one that’s going to do it. Even if this doesn’t stop this foolish trek of yours, at least you’ll know someone cares enough to warn you!”

    As he raised Ashley dress, she squirmed vigorously against his lap pushing the skirt back in place. That only made him hold her more tightly with his arm firmly grasping her around her waist. Just for good measure, he pinned her hands against her back.

    “Stop it!” she shouted.

    He pulled up her dress again to reveal a pair of pale blue panties underneath. Yanking them down with his right hand, he worked the tight cotton garment to the bottom of her rear, revealing the two luscious mounds of flesh he loved so well. He could think of nothing better than to make them blush wild red. Maybe then she’d get the point!

    Picking up the belt, he doubled it into the perfect tool for punishment; and with a passionate smack, he laid the first of what would be many brisk smacks across the struggling blonde’s bottom cheeks.

    “No, damn you!” she wailed.

    Ignoring her cries, and her attempts to wriggle away, he laid the belt across her bottom three times.

    “Stop it!” she demanded – as if that would dissuade him.

    Jess paused to watch the red imprint of four lines red appear on the surface of her skin. He laid another two against her bottom, seeing the tantalizing jiggle of her cheeks arouse him with their rosy appearance.

    “Ouch, stop, this hurts,” she exploded again.

    He continued on, having decided that his belt was a most effective weapon against the rear of a bratty woman. With another several smacks, one right over top of the other in the center of her posterior, she wailed louder than ever. She kicked her feet and tried desperately to loosen his grip. Nothing worked.

    “Jess, I hate you!” she screamed.

    Though Ashley was like a mad woman gone berserk, it was curious that she wasn’t more effective with her fervent rally. As determined as she seemed to be, it was a wonder that she couldn’t have propelled herself off Jess’s lap. Made him wonder if she really wanted to bolt or just wanted to put on a good show.   

    She wiggled and squirmed, but didn’t get away. She howled with each new smack as if he was killing her. And the truth was, this was hardly more cruel than the hand spanking he’d given her the week before.    

    Again she cried, “Stop it, now! You fuckin ass!” Though the quality of her protest had changed. She’d begun to sob. Tears flowed down her cheeks, and her legs no longer kicked as hard as before. “Oh, please, Jess,” she pleaded, now sounding so mournful that he was almost moved to stop. But he didn’t. She might have been changing her tune, but he wanted to be sure that he got the message.

    By then, her bottom was red top to bottom. The crimson on her cheeks looked raw and splotchy, and few rough spots looked as though they might show up on her bottom hours after the spanking was over.

    “Oh, Please!” There was clearly something in the spitfire Ashley that had relented, and Jess began to ease up. Her emotions were much less fierce, and it seemed as if in some way, she’d worked something out over his lap, in-between the pain of the belt’s hearty whacks.

    “Had enough?” he asked, finally dropping the leather to the floor. Ashley collapsed against him exhausted. Though even in the middle of her exhaustion, there was the most terrific feeling surging though her reluctant body.

    The two pulled up on the bed together, Ashley letting Jess hold her, as much a triumph for him as spanking her. She usually refrained from too much simple intimacy, but this time she seemed content. They remained silent for a time, while she let out her last sobs, and Jess let himself bask in the closeness of her beautiful body.