BDSM Novels

BDSM is a catch all term designating kinky erotica that include some form of bondage, discipline,  dominance and submission, and sadomasochism. For those unfamiliar with my erotica, most of my fiction in this category is BDSM romance. As a writer of this genre, it is the mystery and romance of these stories that drives the graphic kinky content. Many end happily ever after, which for me means that the primary female character finds within a Male/female relationship a satisfying expression of their sexuality in all its various aspects. What I love most is dropping a character within a setting and set of circumstances and seeing how that character evolves. How she comes to terms with her sexuality, with the man or men in her life, and finds the love and fulfillment she most desires.

Given the number of titles in this category, it's obviously my favorite genre of erotic fiction, although each title varies greatly in story and content. However, BDSM fiction is NOT for every reader of erotica. It is often sexually intense and most commonly involves a certain degree of pain... that is in fact what puts this kind of novel into the BDSM category.

Following is a list of my BDSM. I have broken these titles down into various categories: lighter content, contemporary, historical and those set in alternative worlds.

For complete descriptions of these novels, please go to my websites. You'll find most of these on the Pink Flamingo Publications Website. Those not found at Pink Flamingo, those with stronger, nonconsensual content, can be found on the Erotic Book Network. (Paperbacks; Ebooks)

Lighter Consensual BDSM

Caroline's Contract
Dance For Me Savannah
Member of the Club


BDSM with moderate to strong content (some with non-consensual content)

Alexandra's Awakening
An Innocent Obsession
Bad Girls & Dangerous Men
Betrayal of the Virgin Bride
Bound for Submission
Bounty Hunter
Carly On Her Knees
Depravity's Child
Experiment In Terror
Fall From Grace
Force Me To Obey
His Latest Acquisition
Honeymoon in Bondage
House of Slaves
I Belong To You
In Chains
In the Garden of Lust
Jocelyn's Rebellion
Little Savage
Maid to Order
Masters of the Club
Memoirs of a Sex Toy
My Promiscuous Amsterdam
Naked Revelations
Naughty Baby
Naughty Niki
Nightmare of Vengeance
No More Secrets, No More Lies
Nurse Nancy Misbehaves
Pandora's Hideaway
Poor Little Rich Slut
Property of the Marquis
Punishable Offenses
Puppet On A String
Rendezvous With A Stranger
Scandal For Sale
Seven Days In Cell Block Seven
Sexual Mischief
Shadows of a Painted Lady
She'll Come Crawling
Silence in the Cellar
Slave Ranch: The Ultimate Solution to a Sexless Marriage
Sophie & Maureen
Soul Custody
Stained Sheets
Submissively Addicted to You
Abduction of Veronica X
The Applicant II
The Girl Next Door
The Marquis' Book of Pleasure
The Scandalous Demise of Lily Lake
The Secret Sins of Lizzy Barton
The Seller, The Buyer, The Girl & Her Master
The Summer of Andie's Shame
The Truth about Marianne
Thy Neighbor's Wife
Undress Her for Dinner
Whisper & Lies
White Silk


Middle Ages to Renaissance 
Crimes & Lovers
Damsel: The Betrayal of Lady Roslyn
Justice for a Thief
The Handmaiden's Revenge
The Passions of Gwendolyn
The Saga of a Naughty Lady
The Surrender of Lady Charlotte

Farewell My Innocent (1940's)
Girl In the Mirror (1920's)
Innocence Defiled (1920's)
Of Castles & Curses (various)
Shadows of a Painted Lady (various)
Summer of Love (1960's)
The Humiliation of Hannah (19th Century Western)

The Red Door  (fantasy in various time periods)

Post Apocalyptic (made-up societies)

Chaos In Paradise
Daughters of Sacrifice
Fear No Evil
Into the Dark Wilds
Madame Duvalier's Boudoir
Outer Island
Taken Before Dawn


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