Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Preview of Alexandra's Awakening

At last… As mentioned in previous posts I have been working on my first erotic novel…revising, updating and significantly expanding the novel. It’s finally done! The paperback of the entire five book Alexandra Series will be available on our websites soon!

Book description:

Alexandra’s Awakening – As erotic story in the tradition of The Story Of O—a tale of sexual awakening as a young woman, Alexandra, comes to terms with the often crude sexual fantasies that have haunted her for years. Knowing of her troubling sexual passions, her lover, Will, takes her to his good friend, the dominant master, Reggie, who requires Alexandra face her fears as well as her profound desires. Though she often fights this master’s power over her, she soon learns the pleasures of surrender. In the process, she comes to appreciate and gain power over her once perplexing sexual lust, and find where her true desires lie. Consensual BDSM erotica.

And an excerpt from one of my favorite scenes...

My body trembled with anticipation when Reggie finally caught my eye. The energy that had passed between us had grown progressively stronger as the night wore on. With his attention on me now, my anxiety leapt to my throat. He had a power about him that made me shudder as he fixed himself on me. Yet when he moved across the room and placed his hand on my arm, he didn’t woo me with casual talk or lively banter. He was simple and discreet.

      “Come with me.”

      The truth was, he’d been seducing me all night, just as he had the first day we met. I was alive with desire, with a physical, animal heat, and was prepared to do anything to have him completely. How could I have betrayed my love for Will so easily? That’s exactly what I had done.

      We moved together into the den, with Will following close. Elliot and Gus who had slipped away earlier were waiting there. I was surprised to see the four of them, when all night I’d been assuming that my initiation would be with Reggie alone. My body registered the horror, and the fear that gripped me threatened to overcome me fully and send me bolting from the room.

      “Alexandra, on the footstool,” Reggie commanded before I could act on my fear. His authoritative words brought me out of my troubling thoughts, and I immediately gazed around the room, noting the simple furnishings which were in a modern style much like the living room, although the atmosphere was more intimate. As mentioned, a broad leather footstool sat angled in front of the fireplace.

      “Now,” he prompted me. I looked at him, as he stood firmly planted in the space before me. He returned my gaze with his own steely stare.

      The entire room was motionless. Will, Elliot, Gus, all eyes fixed on me. I looked at each and each in turn seemed to climb inside me, suspending me in an unparalleled moment of expectancy. Then in a quick burst of courage, I moved around the sofa to the stool before the fireplace and sat.

      I wore a short tight knit skirt in a deep purple color. My silvery sweater was low-cut, revealing the swell of my breasts rising above the bra beneath. Sitting on the stool, the skirt rose so high on my thighs that I had to hold my legs tightly together to keep from flashing my crotch. The stool was lower than a normal chair height, which meant that my knees were raised above my bottom, making the position entirely too awkward for comfort. There was no place to hide, no way to look poised and self-assured.

      Reggie descended on me swiftly, capturing all my attention and all my thoughts, holding me subject to his manipulation. He knelt on one knee in front of me, and seeing my hands fidget nervously in my lap, he purposefully took them in his and held them tight. Oh my, how warm they were against my cool clammy skin.

     “Relax, Alex. You’re doing just fine,” he said softly, privately, as if there was no one else in the room. I didn’t think I was ‘doing just fine’ at all, but I was too spooked to say a word. Feeling so vulnerable and small, I had the sudden feeling that this was all wrong, I shouldn’t be here, and I’d be doing myself a huge favor if I got up and left. But the way he held my hands, I couldn’t move. Something in me refused to pull away even if my mind was screaming for me to do just that. “You’re doing fine,” he repeated, then he picked up my hands and carefully placed each one on an outer edge of the stool. In that position, I couldn’t slump forward and my breasts jutted out as if on display. “Be proud of who you are and what you’re doing,” he continued to keep me mesmerized as he grasped each knee and pulled them wide apart. Anyone standing before me could see all the way to my crotch. The message clear: he had taken charge of me. I couldn’t tell if the others in the room were looking, but in that intimate moment, no one else in the room mattered but Reggie and me.

       “Alex, you will follow my directions without question,” he said with a gravitas that went right to my surrendering soul. “This is important, your initiation. How this goes will tell me a good deal about you and the training that will follow.” The force of his words grabbed hold of me, and in the huge silence that followed, he seemed to say, “You will hold on, I’ll see to that. I am the master of this drama.” I trusted him; and that trust and my desire kept me from fleeing.

       Reggie knew my fears, all my apprehensions and desires, whether I’d voiced them or not. From this point there was no turning back. He’d look like a fool if I defied him after this, so he took a moment more with me, searching for something in me that only he could detect, something that might alter his plans for the night. He looked for a flaw, perhaps a defect of character that would judge me unworthy of his attention. It was a cautious deliberate search, his perusal so circumspect that it felt as if he were inspecting me from the inside out. Apparently he found nothing. Satisfied that I was sufficiently in his power, he returned my silence with a last lingering glance, then rose to begin, moving rapidly away from me to a place of command behind the sofas.

       “Elliot,” Reggie’s voice rose in volume, passionate and forceful. “It’s time that Alexandra was initiated. Will you do the honors?”

       “Yes sir.” Elliot smiled. I suddenly quaked with fright.

       I hadn’t paid attention to Elliot that evening; he didn’t share Reggie’s power or even Will’s; and he was nothing like the darkly brooding stableman, Gus. Elliot was instead an elegant, polished young man, aristocratic in his bearing but almost prissy, suggesting a pampered youth, a man of carnal lust, but certainly no purpose.

       Reggie, on the other hand, moved about the room with direction, intention and great vigor; a chameleon of moods, he charged the moment with his mastery, orchestrating our play. This was his work and his passion. Exacting, commanding, sure and experienced, he was ruthless about the role he assumed. Was he cruel too? I wondered.

       “Alexandra,” his voice boomed, “have you ever been taken in the ass?”

       “God no!” I gasped. Though my reply screamed from within me, I was barely able to speak above a whisper. Tears began to well up in my eyes, not that my display of emotion mattered to anyone but me.

       “Speak up!” he insisted.

       “No. No,” I shouted back. “I’ve never been taken in the ass.”

       “Good.” He stopped pacing some ten feet from me and looked me directly in the eye.

       “Stand up.”

       I stood. My body seemed to waver as I was dizzy with fear. His eyes pierced through me as if they alone were holding me upright.

       “Lift your skirt.”

       “I can’t,” I whispered, my limbs were frozen.

       His eyes penetrated deeper, his voice steely cold, “Now.”

       I hesitated, and then my fingers seemed to move on their own, finding their way to the bottom of my skirt, and tugging at the hem. Four pairs of eyes watched intently, though I looked only at Reggie, as my skirt rose just above my garters.

       “Higher,” he commanded.

       I pulled the skirt higher still, soon aware that my brief panties and the whiteness of my belly above them were becoming visible to everyone in the room. I shivered so fiercely that I suddenly went cold.

       “Now remove your panties.”

       Again I hesitated, long enough to feel the determination behind Reggie’s instruction. He didn’t have to speak.

       I told myself to relax, the word continuing like a mantra until I finally took a deep breath, ran my fingers under the elastic of the pale blue panties and drew them down over my ass and thighs. Letting them drop to the floor, I disentangled them from my feet, and then stood upright before the four men with my sex naked and visible. I closed my eyes so as not to see them staring at me. Though as I did, Reggie came to me and raised my chin in his gentle hand, “Open your eyes, Alexandra. Look at them. See how they look at you.”

       I trembled uneasily, but obeyed. I thought Gus would leap out and devour me. Elliot was all lust. Looking at Will was the worst. I instantly recoiled, seeing how cold he’d become, nearly the mirror of Reggie himself.

       For all my nerves and fright, however, my body betrayed my lust. The warmth of my desire had flooded through me, leaving my pussy glistening with female dew, and me with no way to hide the physical response with it so blatantly on display. Whatever Reggie had in mind, I wanted it now. For all the humiliation I’d suffered, I needed some sort of satisfaction. I didn’t even care if it was Elliot’s cock in my ass.

       Moments passed into minutes, which passed into an eternity. How much longer did I have to wait?

       At last Reggie’s voice reached out to me and grabbed me with his next command.

       “Face the fireplace,” he ordered.

       That was easy enough.

       “Now kneel on the stool.”

       Even that I did with some ease. I knew the men were looking but at least I didn’t have to look at them.

       “Spread your knees wide apart,” he commanded with a growing urgency in his voice.

      “Wider,” he raised his voice when I didn’t respond fast enough to please him.

      I complied again, moving my knees as far apart as the stool would allow.

      “Now bend over, head and shoulders to the leather.”

      As I bent down, I could see Will behind me from the corner of my eye. The coldness had vanished, replaced by apprehension that matched my own. It was fleeting, but still a comfort.

      As I followed Reggie’s instructions, he moved to me and pushed my upper body firmly into the cold leather. His hand was firm, and the authority behind it almost made me orgasm right there. I clutched the front legs to keep my balance, and as the air caressed my upturned rear, I became painfully aware of how exposed I was in the awkward pose. Despite that fact, I found myself strangely pleased that I was in the center of this drama, the focus of their attention. I wanted more. I wanted their hands all over me, their fingers and tongues probing my womanly cleft, getting me off. If only that were Reggie’s game.