Friday, February 21, 2014

An Afternoon with Naughty Niki

Just like the title says...this week's post is an afternoon romp with Naughty Niki, from the novel of the same name. 

One reviewer called this work a literary wetdream.  I'm good with that, hoping that all my novels achieve that status, since that is the aim of good least from my POV. Niki gives new meaning to the word slut.

Naughty Niki

Copyright (c) 2007, by Lizbeth Dusseau. All rights reserved

Each time Niki screwed a man, the sex was hot, but over so quickly that she hardly remembered the men’s faces. She never even asked their names. After every promiscuous encounter, she swore that she would stop – this was getting dangerous – but her unspoken vows did little once that verboten desire for sex was ramped up and ready. When she was horny, she was on the prowl.

    Over the last few weeks, Niki had been making eyes at several of the sexy men that worked on the house, but she let these remain mere flirtations. Anything that close to home; eventually Bernardo was sure to find out, she reasoned.

    But then came Reuben. For days he’d silently watched her from afar. While others engaged her with teasing conversations, Reuben said nothing, remaining on the sidelines observing how she exhibited herself in her swimsuits, and short skirts with tiny thongs underneath. He’d seen her bend over, just like the other men had. He’d seen down the front of her blouses where her naked titties invited lewd glances.

    Niki knew she was being observed by the man, and this unnerved her. Reuben was the new foreman, a real man in charge, and he wasn’t like the young bucks that worked for him. His eyes could drill right down to the bedrock of her soul’s deepest cravings. He was most like Bernardo of all the men she knew, but he was also very different from Bernardo. Common. Crude, sometimes even swarthy, with none of Bernardo’s impeccable polish. He was a stocky, well-built man with muscled shoulders, a trim waist and a deep rich tan. Being not as handsome as the men who normally attracted her, there was something frightening in his rough face, and an energy about him that she wanted to stay clear of. And yet, day after day, she would be drawn to the eyes that enveloped her when they chanced to meet. Sometimes, she found herself studying him from across the construction site, and his gaze would suddenly be drawn her way. She’d instantly freeze up and look away. What was he thinking? What did he want? Maybe nothing at all. Maybe this was just her own desires playing tricks on her. Perhaps he didn’t want her at all.

In the heat of the day one afternoon, Niki brought fresh cold water to the workers, and plenty of ice. She wore a pair of pastel blue shorts, pale pink snake-skin sandals and a white halter top, all of which enhanced her look of sexual innocence – as sweet as a sexy confection, delectable enough to devour. She’d been standing with her back to the site talking pleasantly with one of the men when she felt something stab her in the back, not a hand or a knife but a forceful, unearthly shock of energy that felt very much like the blade of a knife. She turned abruptly, and Reuben was there standing a few feet away.

    “Ice, ma’am?” he said politely.

    Nothing weird about that.

    “Of course,” she handed him the bucket and he plunged a plastic cup inside, gathering up a full glass.

    The other men had scattered, most going back to work, and none were close enough to hear the exchange between the lady of the house and their burly foreman.

    “Better watch the way you wave that pretty ass, Mrs. Sanchez,” he spoke in a low, gravelly voice.

    She stood back, stunned by his comment.

    “You’ll be alone tonight,” he went on, as if he already knew the answer.

    Yes, she was going to be alone, but how would he know that? A lucky guess? Bernardo was gone. The housekeeper’s day off. And the cook had asked to leave early. She’d most certainly be alone all night long, alone and vulnerable in the hacienda, except for the groundskeeper, Enrico, who normally spent his evenings in the small shed Bernardo provided for him. He preferred that to a room in the servant’s quarters.

    “What are you getting at?” Niki was getting scared and Reuben could see that.

    Then, suddenly, he began to grin, turning a dour face into a much more handsome one than she’d seen from him before. “I’ll see you after my crew leaves.” He said no more, but turned and walked away, refusing to listen as she tried to call him back:


    Halfway across the site, he began lifting rafters with one of his men, and for sixty seconds she stood petrified and unable to move, her gaze fixed on the taut muscles straining under the heavy weight of the timbers. Her crotch grabbed at the feelings that came surging forth, but then tossed them off before she hastily retreated into the house.
Late in the day, the interior of the hacienda was covered in afternoon shadows, and hiding in one particularly remote one was Niki, waiting for the foreman Reuben to appear as he said he would. The threat – was it a threat or just a promise? – had completely unnerved her. She hoped that maybe he wouldn’t see her in her hiding place. She heard the creaking of the floorboards first, then the sound of boots on terracotta. A moment later, the figure of the man emerged, bathed in the sensuous glow that reflected off the stucco walls of the open portico.

    And he had seen her.

    “By yourself?”

    “I am,” she answered. She’d had three hours to think about the foreman, and about what she’d do if he assaulted her. But thinking meant very little when her body was careening out of control. Her lust seemed to lead her now. If she’d been truly afraid of Reuben, she could have driven into town. She could have called her husband. Could have dialed the police. But she didn’t do any of those things. Instead, she let her desires percolate deep in her belly, in that place that Reuben had already scouted out for himself so many times with his conquering eyes.

    For all her fear and anticipation, Niki knew what would happen, how she’d react, how she’d finally give in and surrender to that muscled body and its forceful ways.

    “Little bitch likes to get my boys all riled up,” he said. “You may be the woman of the house, but you’re nothing but a tramp.” Even from across the room she could feel his beating sexual energy, and with it, the sweltering afternoon heat rose a few degrees higher.

    “Yeah, I guess I am.” Her tensed body started to thaw, the blood running wildly through her veins with the savagery of an impending hard, hot fuck becoming real. Her pussy juiced. And her belly turned a thousand somersaults in the time it took Reuben to move from the shadows of the hallway, into the shadows of the space two feet before her.

    In a flash, he reached out, pulling her out of the chair in which she hid and drawing her to him, pressed his lips cruelly against hers, his tongue forced her mouth to open. She wanted to stop him, but she didn’t know how to make that happen. When he finally pushed her off him, he kept on pushing her at the chest just above her heart, backing her down the hallway toward the bedroom. He knew exactly where he wanted to go. She could hardly see his face for the darkness, but she knew that he scowled with the same fixed scowl she’d seen him wear so many times. Her heart was beating, her head pounding with blood, her legs and feet could barely carry her backwards to the bedroom, but that was where she finally landed. He backed her all the way to Bernardo’s enormous master bed, and pushed her down against the mattress.

    Then he climbed on after her, with his right hand going directly between her legs and feeling the warm, wet, welcoming juices.

    He seemed to smile wickedly, although she couldn’t say for sure that he smiled at all; nothing in these tumultuous minutes seemed quite real. She expected his cock to break her sex apart, but instead of feeling the hard pulse of his erection banging inside her, she felt his mouth, his lips, his teeth angrily moving on her swollen clit and her sensitive sex lips.

    Her hips churned back and forth against the mattress, body rasping with unwanted pleasure, meanwhile her hands reached out to the side and grabbed fistfuls of sheets to hold her steady. She didn’t dare reach down and touch him, she was scared, frightened of the man and the powerful force that rose up inside her with his mouth latched tightly against her pussy.

    “No, No, No! You’ve got to stop!” she yelled as if someone might come to her rescue. Then she bolted upright with plans to fight him off.

    Sensing her fierce anger, Reuben pulled up and slapped her face, sending her body back down. “Take it, bitch,” his low voice seethed.

    He resumed eating out her snatch with a fervor that mixed pain and pleasure in a chaotic tango so unnerving that she was quickly dizzy and even more afraid, yet on the brink of cumming.

    “God, godgodgod no…” she screamed this time. Her body fought him still, thrashing back and forth, her groin bucking nastily against his mouth, although her burning cheek reminded her not to rise up again. As much as she wanted him to stop, she wanted to get off. After having resigned herself to being used, she couldn’t understand why she resisted, why she fought so fiercely.

    And suddenly pissed that she refused to settle down, Reuben flipped her over and started spanking her ass with the flat of his palm. Every strike hurt, yet between each one, he rubbed the hurting flesh, until she began to want him to spank her more.

    “Yes, yes, goddamn it yes,” she seethed heatedly. Did he hear her? Did she want him to? She was too confused to understand exactly what she needed now.

    He spanked her hard a dozen times without stopping, then he flipped her over to her back and began stripping away his pants. Once he finally released his cock, he straddled her body and moved forward until his crotch was at her face. He forced her lips wide open, demanding she take his steely prick inside her mouth, “Suck it, slut!”

    She sucked with a mouth so ravenous by then that she might have done anything he asked, gone to the ends of the earth for him, let him slap her face more, or spank her harder, beat her into submission. Her body had never been so riled, so full of itself and sexually craving. While his orgasm began to build with fervor, she could feel hers not far off. She expected that any moment he would end this foreplay, shoving his dick down her throat, or backing down and plunging his member into her aching love hole.

    But when he did back off, he flipped her over one more time, and pried her ass cheeks wide, fingering her asshole with something cold. Then he lunged with a suddenness that caught her off guard.

    She gasped. A fierce pain ripped through her.

    He stopped, and grabbed her hair. “Open, bitch, or you gonna be hurting for a week,” he warned.

    Open, yes, open…the words meant nothing to her, but something in her body seemed to understand what was needed, and her inner muscles eased off allowing him to take her ass with little pain. She closed her eyes, made fists of her hands and held on. While seeing stars inside her eyelids, an unexpected inner orgasm erupted deep within her body. Pain and pleasure collided, while Reuben ejaculated into the tight space, making a low guttural sound that vibrated through all of Niki’s frayed nerves.

    Before she could gather her thoughts, he was on his feet, standing over her. “I wasn’t wrong about you, Mrs. Sanchez,” he stated the fact plainly.

    He started to leave.

    “What do you mean, you weren’t wrong about me?” she called after him.

    He stopped and turned back. This time she could see his face clearly, no shadows to hide the scowl. But while he let her see his expression of remote contempt, he didn’t answer her question, but turned again and continued out the bedroom door to the back of the house.

For several minutes, Niki stared at the door, afraid of her thoughts, her satisfied body, the lingering emotions just couldn’t be explained. What had just happened was too awesome to contemplate now. When she finally moved off the bed and to her feet, she stripped the sheets on which they screwed and took them directly to the washing machine, stuffing them inside. It took twenty minutes for her to figure out how to use the damn thing, but once she finally had the washing machine cleaning the sex stains from the dirty laundry, she let go a relieved sigh.

    Returning to the bedroom, she sprayed perfume into the musty air and turned up the fans. No one could know about this afternoon. No one.

                  Some women need to be fucked and used hard. This one did. ~ Rueben