Friday, March 7, 2014

Banned words, titles, art and content

If you're looking for today's new hot and sexy book excerpt... you'll find that just below this notice.

Sadly, the much talked about topic of censorship in the erotica market is NOT going away. In addition to banned titles, artwork and content deemed offensive by larger retailers, one ebook retailer is now scanning books for certain words, and pulling books from their website without regard to the context in which these words are used. This is a troubling new evil in the ebook retail market, especially since it seemed targeted specifically at erotica, while allowing the same content and words in other literary genres. Like so many of these measures now used in the review of books, little is known about the specific criteria use to ban an erotica title.

I could rant on this for days. But today, I'm simply calling attention to the problem once again, because it's one that is not going away. Readers need to be aware that the content and story lines they love is still available, though it may NOT be from the larger ebook retailers you are accustomed to buying from.

I encourage readers of non-consensual erotica to buy directly from small publishers and retailers who do not censor words, titles, art and content in erotic books, as so many of the larger retail sites now do. If this is the erotica you enjoy, support the authors and publishers.  

PLUS: You're likely to find on these sites, many books that are now banned on the bigger sites. This is censorship by corporate decree. It is frustrating and infuriating but it's an evil that's unlikely to change in the near future. 


Paddle, Cane and a Scalded Ass

Though there are still a couple feet of snow on the ground, it looks like Spring is finally on its way! This is something to celebrate, here in the frozen north.

With spring this year comes a new Lizbeth Dusseau title:
Spontaneous Combustion
Look for it mid-April


For now, a hot, sexy and sensuous punishment scene between a Master and his new sub. 

The novel, Against Her Will: The Abduction of Kat Bloom,  has always been one of my favorite books... Meredith and Alain one of my favorite D/s couples. Because certain words are now banned on some of the large retail ebook sites, you may need to search for this novel with it's "vanilla" name: The Seduction of Kat Bloom

Excerpt: Paddle, Cane and a Scalded Ass
From Against Her Will: The Abduction of Kat Bloom
by Lizbeth Dusseau (c) Copyright 2006, all rights reserved.

What led to the first skirmish between these two unlikely lovers was probably apropos; their relationship began at the office, and it was one of Meredith Shaw’s nervous faux pas that ignited the smoldering fires in them both. Alain was working late on a new case that had landed on his desk that day, when the new file clerk from records appeared at his door and abruptly stopped on seeing him pouring over the evidence file on his desk. The lovely brunette Meredith Shaw honestly didn’t know he’d be there. In fact, she had intended to slip the missing files on his desk as if they’d been delivered by a thief giving back what he’d just snatched. Now with him still hard at work, she couldn’t be that shrewd.

    She held her breath waiting for Alain to raise his head, then noted the look of surprise when he finally did.

    “Miss Shaw?”


    “Is there a reason why you’re standing at my door?”

    “Yes, sir. I-I heard you were looking for these …um… files.” She walked forward and placed them on his desk, although before she could draw back her hand he had one wrist clutched inside his steely palm. They hadn’t seen each other since the signing of the contract was completed in the presence of Mistress Ana and Janis Duncan at the X-Club two nights prior. It had been his plan to initiate their relationship at her apartment that night. But now she was so far inside his space it was impossible to stop what thundered through his anxious body.

    He swiveled in his desk chair, while guiding the lovely young woman so she was directly between his open thighs, his hand still tightly grasping her wrist.

    “I thought that your working in Records would place less stress on you.”

    She smiled weakly, chagrined. “I’m so nervous.”

    “I can see.”

    “I’m sorry to let you down. I really don’t know what happened to those files on the gallery theft, but it won’t happen again.” She looked down at the Captain – her master – gulping back her threatening tears, while feeling her entire body shiver as he conveyed the authority, the calm, the good judgment she so longed to experience from a man.

    “No, it won’t happen again, or I’ll have no choice but to let you go.”

    “Please, sir, I can’t lose this job!”

    “Then you know what you have to do.” He waited for her response and when there was none, he added, “Maybe now’s the time to properly deal with your recent mistakes. Perhaps, getting punished will work where lectures failed?”

    She blinked and bit her lower lip, every nerve in her was on fire, as Alain let go of her hand, rose from his chair and directed his quivering submissive to the far side of his desk. He closed and locked his office door, pulled the blinds and moved to a nearby cabinet from which he withdrew a three inch spanking paddle and a bamboo cane.

    “The paddle’s to warm your ass. The cane’s to up the pain. Bend over, Miss Shaw.”

    As if she’d been shocked, the electricity in the air attacked her body. She was so frightened that she could barely move, but she did manage to bend over the desk and rest her torso on her arms. From the corner of her eye, she watched her master lay the tools down beside her, then remove his coat and roll the sleeves of his starched white shirt to the elbow. Why this image had such a daunting effect on a submissive, she couldn’t explain, but they both understood the power of an act that was almost a cliché in the Dominant/submissive mindset.

    “The paddle’s to warm your ass. The cane’s to up the pain.”

    The words moved through her mind another trigger for her astonishing arousal. Never. Never had it been like this before. Her shudder deepened as she watched him pick up the leather paddle, and then again as he moved around behind her and carefully lifted her skirt. As he reached for the band of her nylon panties, she emitted a small groan. Every excruciating second ticked by in slow motion, drawn to a finely turned edge before the next began. So nervous, so aroused, she was about to spontaneously come. However, her feelings promptly changed. After he drew the nylon over her bottom and down to the top of her thighs, he positioned himself for the best angle, and SMACK!

    She lunged forward, gasping from the sudden and brutal sting.

    Again and again, the surface of her bare ass took the repeated blows from the not-so-mild leather. This was hardly warming up; she was hot from the start, punished, rebuked and reprimanded for a string of mistakes, missteps and thoughtless blunders she’d committed over the last year, as if the collective disapproval of Captain Danvers and his staff was finally being realized in this one punitive expression.

    She hung on, cringing desperately, vowing that she wouldn’t cry out no matter what. A prudent decision on her part – in the past Alain was known to gag a distraught sub who showed no inclination to contain her emotions.

    When he finally paused, it was long enough for Meredith to feel a sudden, surging heat spread throughout her lower regions. Then when he started in again, he aimed for her upper thighs and moved even lower, where the skin could barely take the punishing blows. He retreated briefly to her reddened ass end, then returned to her thighs, and went back and forth until a string of muffled moans escaped her lips and her tortured behind made some efforts to escape further beating.

    She slumped miserably against the desk when he finally stopped.

    “Pull yourself back upright, young lady!” he crisply ordered.

    She struggled with the command, but was then rewarded for her efforts with the palm of his large hand covering one ass cheek. He gently squeezed. It was all she could do not to wriggle against the sweetness of that tender caress. He held her at the ass and the shoulder as if he were laying claim to her body and soul, a declaration more lucid than any contract she would ever sign.

    “If ever there was a woman who needed a firm hand to guide them, it is you, Meredith.”

    Oh, dear! She never remembered him calling her anything but Miss Shaw.

    “And you have much to atone for.”

    He backed away leaving the imprint of his virile energy crawling through her aroused body.

    “And not a sound,” he warned tersely, as he plucked the cane from his desk.

    She cringed but she didn’t utter a word, while pouring every ounce of determination into bearing the pain she knew would follow. Never had it been more clear to her that this strict discipline was exactly what her life had been missing, and that Alain Danvers was the perfect man to effectively deliver that discipline

Directly across her two smoldering ass cheeks, Alain laid the first angry cut of the bamboo cane. He felt every one ripple through his nerves as it laid a dark red welt through the deep pink blush of Meredith Shaw’s lovely ass. One…two…three…four…five…six…

    His cock was ravenous and his full power engaged for the final six cuts that made successive lines down her lower ass cheeks to the tender flesh of her upper thighs. As each one struck, he felt every nerve in Meredith’s body seize up …seven… eight…nine… and heard her strain valiantly to muffle her response to the fierce pain; it wasn’t easy… ten… eleven… twelve.

    Done at last, he laid the cane back on his desk next to the paddle, then moved in close behind her, reaching in-between her thighs with one hand and embracing her with his other arm.

    “Feet apart,” he ordered, to give himself greater access to the wet treasure of her sex. Wet, indeed! A deluge of fragrant juices escaped her vagina and covered his hand. Her body seized up as he toyed with the molten valley, as she moaned, reaching her orgasm almost from the very first touch. Two at first, then three fingers slipped into the clenching cavern while he listened for her responding gasp. Then he used his fingers like a cock, bringing her to one, then another, then another climax. Three times she shuddered against him, almost crying, and certainly too overcome to know exactly what was happening. As her plight deepened in intensity, he pulled in directly behind her ass, and setting his organ free, plunged into the steamy cunt, letting her spasming muscles work him to the finish.

    His erection surged on, pounding her forcefully, then at the moment he came, he clutched her punished cheeks in his hands and let go with groans that came from deep in his gut.

    The two remained fused together for sometime after the last of their spasms died away. His hard-on receded and they caught their breath. Then awakening from his sexual stupor, he kissed the back of her neck and her mass of unruly hair and behind her ear, where his tongue lovingly probed.

    He hadn’t felt like this in years. So alive. So powerful. So in charge. This woman now owned, surrendered, his to mold as he desired.

    When they finally broke apart, she, without being told, dropped to her knees between his legs and cleaned his organ with her mouth, laving it lovingly until he carefully pushed her back.

    “It’s good there are some things you don’t have to be told,” he said kindly.

    “I pleased you?” she gazed up in awe.

    “Enough for one night, yes.”

    By the time Meredith was on her feet, his cock was back inside his pants and he sat behind his desk looking as calm as he had when she first entered the office.

What intimacy the two shared became cloaked behind the veil of their chosen roles. He could only give her small pieces of himself, when in fact, he was having the overpowering urge to dive in totally. But, being a master of his emotions, he contained them well for the moment. Urges to entangle himself in her life needed to be purged of the aggressive force behind them. He could give nothing away too soon. Dominant men did not do that; they didn’t wear their feelings on their sleeves and they couldn’t display any weakness until their control had been firmly established. He knew all this as he tucked his feelings back inside his clothes as neatly as he’d earlier tucked away his cock.

    “Thank you, sir,” the quivering young woman managed.

    Alain couldn’t be sure, but she seemed more nervous than she was before. Normally punishment whacked the tension from a frightened submissive. But it was safe to assume that she was still in awe of what they were about: his obligation to punish her faults, her commitment to surrender, and his right to use her body for his personal pleasure. It was certainly a terrifying if not, arousing situation she’d openly agreed to. 

    “My duty and my pleasure,” he replied to her ‘thank you’, resuming his typically curt manner. “While this was not exactly what I had in mind for your initiation, I think it serves us both well. And it should remind you, that your job is all part of the package with me. I expect you’ll reform your ways in Records and do your work efficiently. I don’t think you’re a dumb woman.”

    “I’m not, sir,” she rushed in, as was typical.

    Meanwhile, he leaned back in his desk chair. “You went to college, hum?”

    “Yes, sir, four years.”

    “What did you study?”

    “Art, poetry and literature.”

    He looked a little stunned. “So why, in heavens name, are you working here?”

    “I needed the job, sir. I have to eat.”

    She was perfectly serious. He smiled, amused.

    “Have you ever thought that you might be wasting your talents working in a police station?”

    “Of course, except that I don’t know my talents. I love the arts, but I’m not very good at them.”

    “I see. Is that your assessment or your instructors’?”

    “I’m not really sure, sir.”

    “Well, it’s time you were sure about something, Miss Shaw. Paint me a picture, write me a poem, a story something…anything.”

    She gazed back puzzled. “You mean that?”

    “Yes. I mean that. There’s got to be more to Meredith Shaw than a beautiful body, a sweet smile, and incoherent conversation.”

    “Yes, sir. I’ll see what I can do.”

    “Don’t see about it, just do it.”

    “Yes, sir.” She nervously fumbled with her skirt, having just realized that it was all cockeyed. “Now may I go, sir?”

    All of a sudden she was anxious to leave. He was amused again. She wasn’t unlike most submissives when they’d had enough. And indeed, they’d both had enough for one night. “Yes, you may go.”