Friday, September 12, 2014

All Trussed Up

As fall creeps in and the season changes into fall, as it is rapidly doing right now in my home state, I think back to summer, to the steamy decadence that comes with lazy days and not enough to do but kick into the naughty gear of sexual abandon and excess. For me it's a remembrance of times past...and as recently as this last summer. I remember well being "all trussed up" being tethered and whipped to a beautiful oblivion and being taken by my Master ...

An excerpt from a favorite novel of mine:

The Summer of Andie's Shame
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“My, you are a pretty little plaything when you’re all trussed up,” Harper exclaimed, as she circled her bound friend, while tapping a slim bamboo cane against her thigh.

    Her friend Zooey looked on mirthfully, as if saying “I told you so.”

    Billy sat on a nearby apple crate drinking beer, a disinterested look on his placid face.

    Andie, in white-boned corset and black leather chastity belt, hung by her wrists from one of the barn’s mighty beams, with her toes barely skimming the rough wooden floor. The light was dim, a single gaslight burning on the workbench, casting an eerie, flickering glow over the dark space. The cloudy summer night, being thick and starless, added no additional illumination. Except for the hoot of the snowy barn owl and the occasional shuffle of feet, the tiny world inside the old barn was a steamy bath of silence and expectation.

    “Never knew you were such a trashy slut.” She turned to Billy, “Amazing, huh?”

    “Nothing like the little kid who used to chew on her pigtails—when I wasn’t tormenting her.” He chuckled.

    “Look at me, Andie,” Harper snapped, forcing Andie’s eyes to obey the order just by the ruthless tone of her voice. Andie trembled, her thighs feeling heavy, full of the great weight of sexual energy gathering there.

    “Is Zooey right? You want me as your Mistress? That’s what you’ve always wanted?”

    Andie nodded through the tears that burned her eyes, but that wasn’t enough for the auburn-haired beauty.

    “Say it!”

    It was tough to voice her truth to the woman she’d been hiding it from for so many years. Pointing out a grave flaw in their relationship, this was betrayal in Harper’s eyes, and Andie didn’t disagree. So many times the words were on the tip of her tongue to speak…I’m not all I seem, Harper, I have these strange feelings, weird moments I don’t understand…my body, my head, my heart do despicable things in the name of pleasure…so wicked, so base, so depraved…what is wrong with me!   

    She could imagine herself screaming out her faults during one of those quiet moments when they were most content, gazing at the rippling water while they sat on the dock at the Montgomery summer cottage…or sat side-by-side in the otherwise empty bleachers bemoaning the stupidity of their ignorant teachers, or even the day they skipped school because they had to, just once before they graduated, do something spontaneously reckless. If Harper had only known then how much she veered off the straight-and-narrow path, what would have happened to their relationship?

    When it was just the two of them, no Zooey or anyone else, when Andie might have put aside her fears and confessed, she kept silent. Harper confessed her secrets, everything, so she said, but then, there was little to hide in Harper’s straightforward life. Andie didn’t know how to begin when her secret was as warped, weird and unnatural as the one that she held close to her heart. And thus four long years of silence.

    Her secret had been exposed by the only other person who could get close enough to expose it, and all the might-have-beens that never happened came back to haunt the shy, mousy farm girl. She was hardly that girl now. Swinging from ropes in the middle of her grandfather’s barn, she faced the music, facing Harper’s cutting wrath with a clear admission of the truth.

    “Yes, I’ve wanted you, Harper.”

    Harper sniggered, anger pouring out all around her, destroying her well-practiced composure. “Oh! What a little deceitful bitch you are!” she exclaimed.

    “I’m sorry! You can have me now.”

    Harper laughed. “Of course, I can have you now, you’re at my mercy, girl. But what makes you think I want you?”

    The tears began again. “Please, Harper. This was just so hard. You have to understand that.”

    Harper turned her back on her and walked toward Billy. Andie heard them whispering and saw Billy nod, then watched as Harper finally sauntered back her way, looking smug and very well contained.

    “Well, little one, you’re in luck.” Her eyes roved the beautiful sight of Andie’s lovely body, for the first time really enjoying the view for all the fine qualities she’d missed so far. The way her breasts peaked overtop the corset when she was stretched like a bow and her nipples turned to knots—exquisitely inviting. Andie’s lanky thighs, trembling with fear and sexual agitation, looked like flesh shimmering in the desert heat. And her poor covered puss, dampening the edges of the leather that barely contained it, but kept the little slut’s hands away – could feel the arousal coming from that sluttish pussy beating in her own aroused crotch. Such an amazing wonder this once sad little woman had become. “Give yourself to me, slut. Pay the penance you so richly deserve and you can return to my good graces. You deny me, Andie, we’re done.” Harper stunned the whole room with that sudden proclamation, including herself. Where was all this coming from? the shrewish young woman silently wondered…the haughty bitch, the crude desires, the anger, the resentment. She had no clue.

    “No, Harper! You can’t say we’re done,” Andie cried.

    “Hey, I gave you a way to restore my trust,” Harper snapped back.

    “And that’s what I want,” Andie pleaded.

    “Then there’s no need to despair.” She turned from her. “Billy…”

    Her boyfriend moved to his feet and strolled forward, while in the act of unbuckling the thick leather belt at his waist.

    “What are you going to do?” Andie gasped in fright, even as her raw sexual energy took a sudden leap.

    “I’m going to give you exactly what you need most, control, restraint, punishment, domination, and the time of your life. Isn’t that what you want?”


    “Yes, what?” The cane snapped against her leg the way the sound of Harper’s voice snapped in air.   

    “Yes, Ma’am.” Andie bowed her head.

    “Look at me, girl.”

    Her face shot up, eyes wide.

    “I’ll be your Mistress and Billy will be your Master,” Harper explained.

    “But…” Andie gazed at the man with the leather belt dangling from his hand and her body trembled even more frantically than it had before.

    “But what? You take my proposal as is.”

    They waited in silence.

    “It’s what she wants,” Zooey finally spoke up from the sidelines with a sigh in her voice. She’d already been down this road before and knew all the twists and turns in Andie’s denials.

    Harper’s focus returned to the sorrowful face, eyes meeting eyes. Billy stood off her left shoulder like a dark angel of hell.

    “Zooey wouldn’t lie, would she?”

    Andie stared at Harper blankly.

    “’Fess up, girl,” Billy added the weight of his powerful voice, moving one step closer.

    Andie closed her eyes again, afraid.

    Harper slapped her. “Look at me!”

    “Oh, god, Harper, I don’t care, just take this horrible chastity thing from me and help me cum. I need it now.”

    “You need me now? Is that what you’re telling me?”

    “Yes. I need you now.”

    “But how about after your cum is over, will you need me then?”

    “Yes, ma’am, I’ll need you then.”

    “And Billy?”

    Andie stared over Harper’s shoulder where Billy stoically waited. “And Billy.” Her whole being shook as she said his name, tapping a gaping undercurrent of desire she’d ignored so long.

    Everything changed with this admission. Billy moved around to Andie’s back and began loosening the laces of the corset so he could untie the straps of the chastity harness. His fingers had the effect of tiny electric shocks along her backbone. Harper worked on her from the front undoing enough hooks and eyes so the leather harness would drop to her feet once it was untied. With that done, Billy’s fingers began probing Andie between the thighs, fishing around in her cleft for the sensitive openings of her anus and vagina.

    “She’s going to be one fine plum, Harper,” he said in his deep baritone, as a single finger worked her slit. She was almost cumming from this tiny teasing. Her breathing expanded the arousal and her body began to spasm. It had seemed like years not days since Zooey imposed her chastity.

    “Oh, god, yes,” Andie quietly hissed as her head fell back.

    “Don’t you dare cum without permission,” Harper reminder her, giving her face a gentle slap. Billy slapped her hard on the rear.

    “Yes,  Ma’am.” Andie righted herself and looked into her Mistress’ eyes.

    “Billy’s going to make a woman of you tonight, my sweet. There’s no reason to guard this virginity any longer. Not when it’s such a sham. From what Zooey tells me, you’ve used your cunt for your pleasure in plenty of wicked ways, I doubt if you’ll even bleed when you’re used like the sex slut you really are.” She strolled away as if in disgust and then turned back. “Besides, your damned virginity will get in the way of my plans,”—as though she’d been planning this moment for years, not just a few short hours.

    “Yes, Ma’am.” Andie felt her heart race and her stomach turn sour, while her pussy spasmed desperately wanting something inside it to bear down on.

    “So, Andie, I’m giving you your last chance to back out. Do it now, right now; otherwise, consider yourself owned for the rest of the summer, our property, our toy, our personal plaything, doing our bidding no matter how daring, how painful, how repulsive it is. You’ll obey me. You’ll obey Billy. And if I feel like giving you back to Zooey for a night, you’ll obey her, too. Got that?”

    Andie gulped, almost too excited, too scared to answer. “Yes, Mistress.”

    “In exchange, I’ll make sure you’re not permanently damaged in any way. No harm will come to you.” Harper’s cold eyes softened for just an instant, “But we will have some fun.” As soon as she said that however, her tone changed again, now as hard as before. “Take it or leave it.”

    Andie’s body rushed wildly to the thrilling sound of the woman’s hard-edged demand. She’d been seeking the confining bonds of sexual enslavement all her life—since she could remember daydreaming of prison cells and dank-smelling dungeons as a young child reading fairy tales. All the cruelly brilliant possibilities lay before her now, her dreams materializing out the ethers of once unspeakable desires. A feeling of utter bliss, of total giddiness swept through her crotch and rose up from her loins, through her gut to her heart, which passionately burned with need. “Yes, I’ll take it now, Harper. I’m yours, I promise.” Her desperation was as clear as her commitment to her new Mistress.

About the Book:
When 18 year old Andie is found whipping her own ass in her grandfather's barn, her friend, Zooey, is as surprised and turned-on as the embarrassed Andie. Zooey takes over, using the birch whips on Andie ass, quickly turning the occasion into one that has them both cumming in the steamy heat of that hot summer night.

Though Andie begs Zooey to keep quiet, her irrepressible friend soon spills the nasty secret to Andie's best friend Harper and boyfriend, Billy. Suddenly, the awkward, once painfully shy, farm girl has a Master in charge of her life and two cunning Mistresses on the sidelines, happy to attend the amazing show that Billy makes of her. When she's ordered to surrender, there's nothing this girl won't do for the sexual thrill.