Friday, April 11, 2014

I bring the collar out at night...

... to have with me as I sleep.

Just seeing the leather, the metal, the heavy lock,
I can’t just let it sit beside me untouched.
It seems to have a power all its own, coming from you,
commanding that I pick it up
and I do so – gleefully.

When I put it on, the magic starts to work…
I think of you and my spirit begins to surrender,
as if it’s being led back to the dark places where I’m yours…
where I am owned.
I don’t belong to myself anymore,
but you.

I kneel at your feet in my mind, between your legs, begging.
Bringing your cock to my mouth,
I open wide taking it in, all of it into me.
The rest of me falls away in the moment I rediscover where I belong.

I shed the weariness of my day,
the thousand thoughts that take up the hours
and creep into a brain too tired to consider them now.
The only thing that matters now is you and me
and my mouth devouring your cock.

My sexual heat begins to rise.
If you were here, you’d be coming soon;
I’d hear that soft, deep throaty groan
and taste the sweetness of your cum inside my mouth.
Without you, my body rises up,
my pussy juices hot and horny,
and placing my hand to my cunt,
I feel the pulsing of my clit, the steamy sensations
as my fingers probe for the sweet spot just inside the door.
I think of all that you would have me do to serve you
and how I would obediently respond…
and I’m lost in that sensuous world.

Fingers playing, clit on fire, body at its peak,
my orgasm comes at me in hard crashing spasms.
I slather my juices across my sex as the wild orgy continues.
Then afterwards, as the spasms fall away at last,
I think of you again – dwelling on dark thoughts
I’ve never spoken of before coming easily to mind. 
Even those twisted imaginings lead back to you,
where it’s your cock, your crotch, your ass,
your lips, your tongue, your hands that I seek.
Nothing more.

When the fire in me finally dies away and my body eases,
the collar stays.

I drift off to sleep with thoughts of you not far away,
as I head on into the night.

(c) Copyright 2013, Lizbeth Dusseau, all rights reserved

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