Friday, October 3, 2014

Another orgasmic joyride with you

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This prose poem...the submissive in me speaking to the Master in my life...

Back At It Again

Two thirteen in the afternoon and I’m licking copious amounts of girl cum from my fingers after another explosive orgasm

thinking of all the spasming instants when our bodies touched

and my physical energy fired off

like a lightning bolt striking high between my legs…

Like when in the park my hands reached out for yours and yours for mine

like two lost souls finding something to hold on to…

or the first kiss in that same place, when our lips met and the tremors began

and have continued every time our lips have met since

Or on the porch in that first hour, when kneeling between your spread thighs,

naked and in cuffs, going down on your erection, you squeezed me

with your powerful muscles tight against my body

and I shuddered at the wonder of this new feeling,

the first time I felt owned by someone other than myself – by you.

And in the bedroom that same day,

going down in the most intimate of sexual service between your legs,

when I began wriggling my hot crotch against the sheets

aroused and spasming in sensuous surrender,

having found a place of sexual heaven for you and a new aphrodisiac for me

Then later when you held my ass in your steely grip,

as if staking your claim to my body, riveting yourself to the woman I am,

And you maintained that I’m a slave without an ounce of doubt,

and a new door suddenly opened in me with an erotic thunderbolt

I could go on with how you hold my arms bound behind me

Smack me with your leather belt

Speak to me as my owner,

Insist I call you master – as a good slave will

(And I am, Master, your good slave)

Each stellar instant is just a moment of memory,

but it comes with an electric charge

that hits me in the sexual middle of me, and as soon as I think of it,

I’m back at it again reveling in the lust that rises wildly within,

as it takes me on another orgasmic joyride with you at the center.

Copyright (c) 2014 by Lizbeth Dusseau, all rights reserved