Friday, September 20, 2013

In A World Away...

Sometimes you just need to take a break from the real world and dive into fantasy, in this case a mystifying place that has its own rules, its own odd logic. I often wish such a place as the Labyrinth really existed...although for some who play in the BDSM world, a place like this is not so far dungeons, and playrooms and at kinky parties.  Fantasy serves a useful function at these times. Tonight I'll be diving into the Labyrinth and enjoying the magical ride. Here's an excerpt from the novel Labyrinth.

Labyrinth is not so much a place, as a state of mind; the domain of men who worship the female sex and with the same gut level passion reduce them to little more than sexual playthings. Alec West

About the book...On windswept nights, off city streets, from the monotony of daily life, four sexy females are taken to the depths of a mysterious Labyrinth for a 24 hour orgy of sex and submission. The powerful erotic spell the Labyrinth weaves around its submissive females remains unbroken until the last hour of each spectacle is played out.

 Novel Excerpt...

“Bend over and spread your cheeks, bitch!”

    The words might of ripped me a new one, if I hadn’t known the source soon as my sad little mind cleared. I froze like a scared rabbit, getting a grip. I mean, there I am behind the factory, taking out the trash, and he jumps me like I’m gonna do whatever the hell he says.

    I’m thinkin’ he’s half a block away, then suddenly he’s right at my back with his fingers doing a number on my ass. “You hear me, Jewel?” he says.

    Yeah, sure I heard him and the bastard knows that.

    “Billy, you can’t do this to me,” I whined.

    “Jewel, honey, I ain’t kiddin. You just bend over, give me what I want and I’ll leave you be.”


    “You questioning me?”

    Something in me—you know that little piece of self-protect that tells you, you got to take something seriously? Well that kicked in. Suddenly, I have no desire to face the consequences Billy is always using to threaten me. Besides, damn, the boy just knows how to jerk my chain. I look around, make sure nobody’s watching, then I step forward, bend over and raise my skirt. Been light years since I wore panties, so there I am, my ass buck naked and exposed to the breeze while I’m holding it open, waiting for what comes next.

    “We’ll, ain’t that pretty?” he says in a long slow drawl as if he were the one from Alabama, not me.

    I know he ain’t looking at all. He’s right behind me with a greased finger in my ass, getting me all hot and bothered and ready for something special. By then, I wasn’t caring who might be watching—though I’m pretty sure no one is. The place clears out fast once the last bell rings. I pick up a few extra bucks hauling out the trash, so I stay late. Just me and Jiggs left—he’s the janitor, who’s probably snorting dope in his little office. He’ll get to his job once he’s high.

    So that’s how I came to be out in the open with Billy Brignace easing into my ass, that big proud prick of his taking it nice an’ slow. Once he’s in charge, he doesn’t need me to hold my ass cheeks wide. He’ll take care of it himself with those rough fists. And God almighty, am I in heaven.

    “Yeah, baby, fuck me,” I’m yelling to a big blue sky and a pair of fat maple trees at the far end of the factory lot. My face is flushed, my eyes half closed, and my insides is rockin’ all to hell, while my heart’s singing a lazy blues. Damn, I’m happy anytime Billy’s dick is up my ass or my cunt or shooting all over my mouth. But really, he does asses best. Wish my life were as sweet as being screwed by Billy.

    Course, it’s not.

    There’s Frank my husband. He’s a drunk and a lecher—the only good thing about the lech part is that he wants every other woman he sees and could care less about me. We have an understanding. I stay clear a’ him, he stays clear a’ me. If it weren’t for two kids and my whole life’s savings tied up in the little three bedroom rancher we own together, I’d have split a long time ago. Yes, I would have taken the kids. I’m not a bad mother, just a miserable wife.

    And Billy is my salvation.

    Not only has he got a heart of gold and a kinky idea of what gets him off—I got no problem with either one of those—but he’s also got this spooky thing going with a guy who I think is his boss. Never been quite sure of that. The man’s name is West. A big strapping brute of a guy who I’ve never seen in anything but a tuxedo. You think he’d just stepped off the red carpet of some Hollywood premiere.

    The spooky part? I’m hard-pressed to describe it. Let’s just say it’s a fantasy ball and we get free passes. All I got to do, Billy says, is follow instructions and do what I’m told. Somewhere he got this weird idea—well, it’s really not so weird, cause it’s true—that I like to get my ass beat and to submit to all that S&M stuff. One night, he started talking to me, real and stern and demanding—just like he was before he started fucking my ass outside the factory. He was standing close behind me, whispering in my ear. This sweet erotic music starts playing through my body, the creepiest, sexiest melody and I’m starting to hum, my imagination lit like a wildfire and soon enough, Billy’s getting really rough with me. He pulls out a belt, bends me over and starts laying it on my ass real hard. I never had a daddy that would do that, but I sure fantasized about it more times than I can count. Maybe that’s where Billy got the idea. Maybe I said something one of the times he started slapping my ass real playful-like. He listens. He knows stuff I wouldn’t imagine he’d know. I’m sure he’s not making millions doing whatever he does for his boss, but he’s the smartest person I know.

    God, how I love him!

    So, one Friday night, he picks me up in his truck and tells me I’m not goin’ home that night. He knows the kids are at my sister Scarlet’s for the weekend. They’re happy to have their favorite aunt spoil them. Scarlet’s happy because I’m sharing them, and I’m happy because Billy’s taking me away from Frank for a night.

    Frank, he doesn’t care. When I bother to tell him I won’t be coming home until sometime Saturday, he just grunts.

    So that sets the stage for our little soiree, my first time. It was almost like entering a nightmare, I was that scared. But as rough as it was, I came out just fine. I could tell you tales about that night and the many others. Although, truth be told, I’d rather tell you about the last time we played our fun and games, not the first. It might have been the best time ever, and it was certainly the strangest in a long string of strange weekends away with my Billy.
I heard the dogs barking long before we turned the corner and set our eyes on that big old ugly building. Seemed to just to pop right up out of the woods. Mind you, these are not Mary Poppin’s woods, more like Hansel and Gretel, big bad wolf scary woods. Tall trees that moan in the wind and big dark clouds circling around them. My whole body starts to shudder as if a cold wind, or maybe a ghost has just crept through my rattling bones.

    “What the hell is that!” I point to the long brick building. One end is crumbling into the ground as if it will disintegrate before my eyes, although there’s a lot that’s still standin’ like an old gothic mansion pointing to the sky.

    “Army barracks,” Billy tells me.

    “You’re shittin’ me? Excuse the French,” I immediately add. Billy doesn’t like me talking dirty around his friends—well, at least not a lot. Then again, I’m really not sure the men at the ball are his friends.

    “Boss said that before it was an Army barracks it was an asylum.”

    “Well, that’s more like it,” I declare. But I’m not so sure about this one. “You know, honey, I love what we do on these weekends, but couldn’t you just put me in chains in your apartment this time?”

    He turns to me and stares. “You’re scared of the place?”

    “Billy, I’m always scared before I go in. I’m so nervous I think I’m gonna pee my panties—I mean if I wore any. But this ain’t right. Something’s all wrong here.” I shake my head as if I could shake away the willies, but they are not about to leave.

    Billy pulled me around so we’re face to face. “Jewel,” he lays me away with these lowered eyes and the stern voice, makes my whole insides turn to jelly, “don’t go getting weird on me. This is just where we’re going. Everything’s going to be there just the way it always is.”

    “Yeah, right, I hear the dogs.”

    “So, what do you have to fear? I’m here. I’m not leaving you.”

    “It’s the place, Billy,” I gaze back at the awful building. “An asylum! People went mad in asylums, if they weren’t mad already. I read about that once.”

    “It hasn’t been an asylum for over sixty years. Sometime back in the 30’s, I swear. Ghosts don’t haunt things that long.”

    “And how would you know that?” I cock my head and wait for his answer.

    “I just know. Besides, you trust me, darlin’. You always have, you always will.”

    I thought he was going to have to carry me inside, but funny thing happens when I start getting all turned on. Soon as he points me in the right direction, I put one foot in front of the other and suddenly there I am, walkin’ up this steep staircase to the front porch and the big front door. The paint’s peeling and there are thick vines crawling up the posts like writhin’ snakes. Couldn’t get any spookier if we’d just walked into a horror movie. But there I am.

    The door opens before Billy has a chance to knock and a man in a tux, lookin’ like some snooty Southern butler answers. He takes one look at me and nods his head to the side of the house. “Females through the side entrance,” he says in his snobby English accent. Then to Billy, he says, “You’ll want to come back here once you’ve deposited her at the door.”

    What? Like I’m so much trash? I want to sass the bastard, but of course, I don’t. Billy would probably flog me on the spot if I was to mouth off like that.

    As we retrace our steps, Billy whispers, “You’re doing just fine, honey, holding your tongue.”

    Like I want to!

    “Just let it take you down, you know the drill.”

    He says this and it’s like something clicks in me. I’m feeling the shivers all over again, and this spooky atmosphere starts working its special magic. I don’t wanna run away now, I want to be part of it, blend into the mortar and stone, the big beams and the swirling clouds above. Even the dogs barking as they race around the perimeter have me. Like this is destiny. I told Billy that once, and he just laughed. But it’s real, destiny. I feel that. Sheeree read my tarot cards a few days before, and all the signs fell into place. In fact—gave me chills to think of it—I think I knew Billy would be coming by for me that Friday night. Usually, he jus’ shows up outta the blue. But this time, there was a premonition from the cards right there before me in cups and swords, and, yes, The Moon. I almost panicked when I turned over that card. Sheeree smiled. I’m not supposed to tell anyone about my weekends, but a girl’s gotta talk things out. Right? Billy would kill me if he knew I’d breathed a word about this, but then Billy’s not gonna know.

    Back to that night—we backtracked to the side entrance of the asylum—I don’t care if everyone was calling it an Army barracks, it was an asylum to me. What did we find at that door but another dressed up, stern-faced soul guarding the door—although this guy was wearing old fashioned breeches, boots and a white shirt. “She’ll have to surrender her clothes,” the man says, as he inspects every square inch of my body with a pair of ogling eyes.

    “Take my clothes off now!” I blurt out. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself, which was exactly what I told Billy when he glared at me for speaking up.

    Yeah, well, I’m always breaking the rules.

    I shrank back, looking like a wide-eyed deer and then finally got it through my thick skull that Billy wasn’t budging until I stripped down to nothing. I suppose I could have ran for the truck, but his beautiful eyes were so into me that all those surrendering feelings were on the attack once again. My gut was doing flip-flops and it was getting hard for me to breathe. Like a little mouse just raced the derby down my back, my entire body shook. And his eyes, big, bold brown eyes had me hypnotized. I was shedding clothes faster than I could say, ‘yes, sir’. Suddenly, I look down to see myself standing in a puddle of red and black, the skirt and sweater I’d so carefully chosen already gathering dust, or maybe turning to dust as if they were going to ride the next wind south. I stepped clear of them and stood like a naked prisoner, not the flagrant slut I was, with my shoulders sunk in and my hands covering my privates.

    Finally, Billy turns to the guy in the boots. “All yours, Flanagan.”

    Flanagan? Real name or fake? I’d never know, but small things like that just increase my excitement.

    While Billy stood watching from outside, I moved like a scared rabbit into the long dark hallway. Once the door clicked shut behind me, I had the feeling that I was doomed.

Story continued in my next blog post...

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