Friday, November 22, 2013

Sex isn't rational...

Sex isn’t rational, nor is pleasure, or desire or sensation. But it breathes with life and that is its virtue. It defies all measures to make it noble or moral. Sensation cannot be contained so easily. It has its own will—truly a mind of its own, if it has a mind at all. Pleasure is a formless thing, something subjective. It seems illusory, but you know it when you feel it. Then it is very real, the most alive, real thing there is.”

From the Lizbeth novel Sophie & Maureen

I stumbled on the above while reading the novel from which it came last night. For ten years this quote appeared on the front page of the Pink Flamingo website – a statement about sexuality that still rings true for me. When that version of the PF site disappeared, this small excerpt disappeared too. I knew it was came from one of my novels, but which one? I had no idea, until last night.

The larger scene from which this small piece was taken, will be the subject of my next post. 

The image is by Tasmanian photographer Tony Ryan, whose erotic images graced the Pink Flamingo website for many years.

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