Monday, June 9, 2014

Live Lizbeth Interview!

Special Event!

Monday night, June 9th, I was interviewed by Rev Mel, the founder of talked about BDSM, publishing, my newest book, and much more. To view the videocast:

Click here to view on Youtube

About (
Talking Sex Radio is the Internet's leading destination for adults who want to explore the sight and sounds of erotica with taste and style. This unique streaming broadcasts live TV shows about BDSM and Kink created to develop a video portal, combining titillating sexual imagery with the cutting-edge technology and the BDSM community. We are about creating a blueprint with our live broadcast that reaches out to teach and educate new players in BDSM.

Lizbeth comments: TSR is a wonderful resource for kink people nationwide. I encourage you to check it out. Broadcasts are from the LA area where apparently the kink life abounds!